Monday, December 7, 2015

Games Mobile

Futurama, as well as energy, never die, only turns. Series, based on the future of humanity in the year 3000, was canceled, was converted in four films, followed up a few more seasons with its chapters and turned to cancel, though this time with a finish that did not leave anyone indifferent. Science fiction fans have asked thousand times Futurama is not like the Simpsons, if the same creator have. Why not still year after year without problems?.

Honestly, we don't know, but the creators of the renowned series in which Fry, Bender, Leela, Hermes and Zoiberg live adventures together to Professor Farnsworth has prepared a do last? surprise: once again converted into a video game for mobile. Get ready because not much remains to get Futurama: Set of Drones. The name of the title remains faithful to the tradition of Futurama's parody other successes, and by now has fared well. According to The Verge, the game will be a puzzle game in which players will have to connect delivery drones to gain a desperately out of balance "trade war" against the corporate despot equally unbalanced Mama.juego of Drones being developed by Wooga Games, a company best known for titles like Puzzle Booble. In addition, Wooga has brought to Dave Grossman to write the history of the game, a veteran well known world-gamer by the adventure game for PC the secret of Monkey Island. But that is not all, they wanted to do so well and so they have also signed to Patric M. Verrone, screenwriter of Futurama.No is the first time that we can play in the world of Futurama, in 2003 titles in the series could enjoy for PS2, GameCube and Xbox, however, did not succeed much. But we will have to wait a little while so that we can enjoy game of Drones in our mobile phones, Wooga still has not said when it will see Planet Express in action.

If you are looking for a good time of simple entertainment on your mobile device, Paper Monsters is an ideal game for you, entertaining, well designed and with a very well done scenario.

In this adventure, you will have to direct a character made of cardboard boxes and overcome difficulties scrolling and jumping again and again between the obstacles, at the end of each sequence you will fight a monster to overcome it adding a little excitement to the game.

After the initial adventure you can unlock 3 mini-games as you go overcoming levels. The difficulty level may seem very simple but good graphics, 3D environments and good soundtrack offset so you can enjoy it, different areas are connected by tunnels and add that throughout the game you will have to collect buttons that you can use them to make improvements.

The music could not be better selected leaving a good feeling, something that is not always highlighted, but this game is very important, since they have an original soundtrack. The controls are very basic leaving the left side of the screen to move from right to left and right side for jumps, although they are not a very successful game point, because you must move personal from a point in specific screen and doing out there, you can not direct it.
A game that is worth a try in our devices and which guarantee us moments of fun. This is a game compatible with 512 MB RAM. It is a game of payment, which you can find in the store's Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10 at a price of 0.99 PCs.

This game has been made some free days thanks to MyAppFree, you can still find free. Advantage!